1. M- Manuscript Review – Provide us with a copy of your draft or final manuscript in and editable file (Word Doc). We will review with your permission and provide you with insightful feedback and consultation.
  2. E- Editing – Our experienced staff of Editors will edit and proofread your manuscript in your voice to keep the character and unique expressions and creativity you may desire for your specific project.
  3. F-Interior Formatting (Ebook formatting optional) – Our experienced interior formatting team will create a well designed layout for your book that we are sure you will be proud of.
  4. C-Cover Design – Our graphic artist will provide you with a vibrant and impressive cover design that speaks to the overall theme and message of your book. We are convinced you will love the end results.
  5. M-Marketing Strategies & Ideas as an Independent Author- We will provide a 4-stage marketing and roll out plan to effectively get your book to your targeted audience. (1 hours of FREE consultation) 
                 (CONTACT US FOR FAVORABLE AND AFFORDABLE PACKAGES) info@youareunique.org