URU Publishing was birth spiritually in November of 2003 yet manifested in October 2013 with the intent to help individuals we are convinced that have a unique gift of expression in literary arts. Our goal is to take individuals by the hand who have a message and a book deep down on the inside of them and to translate those thoughts into written words. Far to long the thoughts of becoming an author or writer has been a dream of the distant future and now it’s a dream of the right now. There is no longer a need to wait and hope that you sign with a publishing company to accept your message. We are here to help take the guessing, the waiting and the frustration out of self-publishing a book. We are here to make it affordable, easy and less frustrating on the authors. Your focus should be writing and not the production process. URU Publishing will turn your headaches to moment of relaxation and anticipation. We want you to wait with great anticipation for the birthing of your baby a “finished book” you can be proud of. URU Publishing is here to provide you affordable pricing, step by step consultation and graceful turnaround time on your entire project. We are committed to you and to excellence. Our goal is not only to please you, your targeted audience, but the God we represent. THIS IS SELF-PUBLISHING AT ANOTHER LEVEL…WE ARE THE GAME-CHANGERS TO SELF-PUBLISHING. We are ready, willing and overly excited about serving you!
Benefits to Self-Publishing that Guarantees Your Peace of Mind:
  • Complete Control Of Your Entire Project
  • You Own ALL Of Your Rights
  • 75% Larger Royalties
  • Faster Publishing
  • Less Tension With Deadlines and Content
Our Commitment to You:
  1. Excellent and Clear Communication and Updates on Project
  2. Excellent and Affordable Packages
  3. Excellent and Flexible Payment Plans
  4. Excellent Customer Service
  5. Excellent Turnaround Times
  6. Excellent Finished Product